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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

There's no real point to this one

So I'm obviously waaaay behind on this, but as well as photos, apparently it's really easy to put videos on blogs. I would show you just how easy, except the damn thing hasn't been working for me yet. The 'uploading' status goes on for hours and never gets to the 'uploaded' status. This is not a great loss to humanity as I don't have many videos to share, except for a couple of Marek skiing down a hill which, let's be honest, are of little entertainment value to anyone except me and maybe Marek.

Still. If I can get it to work I can get you all green with envy next month when we're in Canada, and that would be fun. I intend to be a total geek and upload photos and video regularly as well as updating my blog more often than every 3-4 days once we get to the other side of the Atlantic. For now, let me off I'm sick.

Nothing new to share as I've only seen the inside of my flat for a few days, except that I like this. That's all.

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