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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Now this is a novel idea

I got a job. No, not a voluntary position, not an internship, not a cv-building but unpaid post, a job.

Apparently if I show up for this job, copy editor at the Warsaw Voice, they will PAY me for the work I do. I'll have money coming in regularly, a place to sit in an actual office, actual people working with me. It's such a novel concept to a girl who has passed the years since university moving from internship to voluntary position, good for the cv but bad for the bank balance.

The best thing about getting this job is actually that it more or less got me. I write blog, editor leaves comment on blog about job, I realise I need a job to fill me in while I'm finishing EVS and applying for future capital, I apply, I go through the process, I am offered job.

It really was that simple.

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Anonymous Brendan Ian Burke said...


Welcome to the team.
Also, to all the others blogging out there...
Rremember this:
"If you 'blog it', they will come."


Brendan Ian Burke
Executive English Editor
The Warsaw Voice

9:33 am  
Anonymous reluctantScally said...

Congrats!!! I know the elation you must feel, but oh dear, another one joins the corporate whore brigade...hehehe.

Happy for ya Boodles.

10:38 pm  
Blogger Edd said...

Thought I'd actually talk to you in the past few days, but I guess I haven't. ;)
Congratulations! Hope you enjoy it lots!

3:56 pm  

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