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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

London Town

I'm all flustered and flurried because tomorrow Marek and I are taking his dad to London. For FOUR days. I know it's going to be fine, but what do Polish men a generation older than me, who speak no English and have rarely left the Polish countryside find interesting in London??? I know what I like, I even have a fairly accurate picture of what Marek likes, but his dad? It's not like there isn't a wealth of options to choose from, but what if we choose wrong?

Ever since I arrived in Poland, even before I could communicate with his parents in any meaningful way and our conversations involved a lot of arm flailing and exaggerated miming, Marek's dad was on at me to take him to England to visit relatives who moved over years ago. He had this plan about driving to France and getting the boat. Thankfully, we've persuaded him planes are not such a bad idea, and we're staying centrally in the cheapest no-star hotel we could find.

What are we going to talk about? I'll run out of Polish words.

Talking of Polish words, today's word of the week is WSPOŁŻYĆ, which apart from being a typical unpronouncable Polish word, means 'to coexist'...

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Blogger Edd said...

At least Marek will be there too. :)
Shouldn't you take him to some kind of massive flower market? Otherwise you can easily fill four days with all the sights. It's *London*. Chill! :)

3:30 pm  

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