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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

International Women's Day

So today is international women's day. I don't remember it ever featuring very highly on the events calendar before I came to Poland but it seems to have had a long tradition here, and is gaining in recognition everywhere.

Apparently there are events all over the world; prize givings, dinners, fundraising, readings of female authors, exhibitions, screenings of women's films, concerts, anti-war rallys, all sorts of activities.

One group of women has decided that what we should really do though is ring bells...

Event Name
Bell Ringing Initiative-Standing for Advocacy for Women's Rights
Invite people to ring church bells on March 8th in support of women's rights. Why? To speak out that human rights are women's right. To urge governments to make good their promises. To stand with women for their basic rights to vote, to be educated, to live free of violence.
Iowa United Methodist Women
8 March 2006
All Day
Wherever you live.
Cost & Payment Details

Iowa Conference United Methodist Women
Contact name

Doris Howard
Contact details

Right, you'd like women 'wherever' they live, to go into churches and ring the bells 'all day'.

I wonder.

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Anonymous Dezso said...

Happy Women's Day, Becca!
Enjoy the Yin way :)...

2:24 pm  
Anonymous claire said...

darn... i missed the bell ringing ;)

1:55 pm  

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