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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Word of the week: SKARBONKA

Some of you forgot that 2006 was Year of the Polish language right? What a good job it is that I'm here to remind you.

I've decided to do something for you poor, poor people who don't have the pleasure of daily encounters with this language. I'm selfless like that. Once a week (if I remember) I'm going to introduce you to a new Polish word, specially hand picked from the million options out there.

Today's word is skarbonka. SKARBONKA!

(you're welcome for the free advertising Auchan peeps)

It's a great one right? It means piggy-bank, or money box. When I first saw it on a supermarket poster the other day I had to stuff my hand in my mouth to stifle the errupting HA HA HAAAAWWW.

I love this language.

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