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Thursday, March 30, 2006


You know a really good way of wasting time when you are supposed to be working/preparing an english lesson/studying for a Polish exam/cooking a meal/cleaning the flat/anything that you really don't feel like doing? Look at your blog's stats counter.

People show up at Boo following all kinds of weird routes. There are the regulars, the bored surfers who stumble in and out of a handful of sites a minute, then there are the googlers. The ones who have entered a search term and ended up here. Some stay for less than a second, some stay for half an hour. The interesting bit, is what they searched for.

Someone actually searched 'don't hassle the Hoff' once and ended up here. There are the poor people looking for Polish tips and getting my perplexing hints for pronunciation and the others who have found my site after searching for small baths, or tips for how to survive glandular fever.

I've noticed more and more people searching for 'boo' recently. Were they looking for the lame horror film, information on the programming language, or maybe an American lady's tribute site to her best friend, her dog Boo Boo? (check out the guestbook. Classic. My favourite comment is 'your dog is a mutt. it's ugly. i bet it goes to the bathroom inside all the time. dumb dog.')

Sadly, we shall never know.

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Anonymous Brendan said... African-American slang (especially in Louisiana) "Boo" is a term of endearment. As in "Me and my boo went to a movie last night." It is mostly refering to the male part of a romantic couple but is just as often used refering to children of either sex (usually by Grandmothers). I think it is also the name of a famous song by Beyonce Knowles "My Boo" (I could be wrong).

12:31 pm  
Blogger Warsaw Crow said...

Fascinating. I think peeps mainly come across my blog by Googling 'Kieslowski's grave'. Perhaps I should install a stats counter too?

..but then again as someone on the Boo Boo guestbook said:

1:45 pm  
Blogger Aaron Fowles said...

It becomes really psycho when you cross-reference the search terms with the location.

I mostly get "tragedy in katowice" and "start it all over again".

12:07 am  

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