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Friday, February 03, 2006

Pronouncing Polish: Lesson 186

On my one-woman mission to fully support 2006, year of the Polish language, I bring you a useful phrase that will twist your tongue, guaranteed!

I am fully aware that the official opening of these celebrations isn't until Feb 21st, International Day of mother tongues (I kid you not) but I learned to 'be prepared' as a brownie guide and it hasn't let me down so far...

Actually, I'm not at all sure radio Polonia didn't make this up as an early April fools' joke, because, as far as I'm aware, this *exciting* news hasn't been covered anywhere else, but we'll go with it.

First a little preamble: Now I'm coming within spitting distance of the end of my 'year in Poland' people have suddenly realised they risk missing their trip to Warsaw to visit me. Actually this isn't the case as I have no intention of going anywhere for the moment, but to arm you people who are intending to come over in the near future with a phrase you might want to use....

'Cześć! Cieszę się, że cię widzę!' It means more or less 'Hi! I'm so happy to see you!' In other words, something you might say to an old friend you haven't seen in a while, or maybe to her Polish boyfriend ;-)

How it's pronounced? Thought you'd never ask... This is a rough guide:

chesh'tch! che'sheng sh'ieng zheh ch'ieng veedzeh!

w porządku? (f pozhont-koo?) ok? Thought so. See you soon!

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Anonymous Andy Ngan said...


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L’émission se déroule de la façon suivante :

L’animateur, Marc Menant sur le plateau s’entretient via webcam avec un invité a l’étranger qui lui parle de la vie quotidienne de son pays. L’invité aura préalablement envoie (par Internet) des photographies de son choix relatives sa ville, son pays, son univers (nourriture, fêtes locales, habitations, monuments, paysages etc..). Ces photos illustrent la conversation.

Pour participer a cette émission il faut pouvoir accéder a une webcam (domicile, cybercafé), pouvoir envoyer des photographies numériques et être disponible entre 1130 et 1230 (heure française). C’est une émission très ludique qui permet aux téléspectateurs de découvrir d’autres cultures a travers les yeux de l’invité.

Si vous étés intéresses ou que vous avez les coordonnées d’un francophone a l’étranger qui pourrait accepter, vous pouvez nous contacter a l’adresses suivante : /
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PS : pour vous renseigner sur l’émission vous pouvez consulter le site et la regarder en direct de 1130 à 1230 heure française du lundi au vendredi.

Merci & Très cordialement,

Andy Ngan
L’équipe du Monde au quotidien

3:13 pm  
Blogger Brook said...

To those who might be learning Polish,

I have spent some time looking for free resources on the internet for learning Polish. In searching, I came across a page with Polish phrases written with English translations. The really useful thing about this page is that it also has the phrases being spoken in Polish. One of the phrases is "Cieszę się, że cię widzę" .

At first this phrase was quite foreign to me, but it caught my attention, I think partly because of the repetition of the four ę's. It has a nice rhythm to it.

Here is the location:

It is pronounced twice on this page. If you click on the phrase it should play in your browser.


11:56 pm  

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