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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

post 101

You know what? I was so busy bitching about the weather that my 100th post totally passed me by without so much as a celebratory mention. To rectify matters I'm going to make a big deal of my 101st post before going back to my rather repetitive moanings about life in sub zero conditions.

Actually, it's not possible to think of other things at this temperature. (Did you know Poland is currently colder than both the Arctic and the Antarctic?)

Forget Orwell's room 101, this is post 101, the post that brings together the worst things in the world, or at least the worst aspects of living at bone chilling temperatures (oh go on then skip it, see if I care)

* Frozen snot
* People dying of cold (that probably should come before the snot thing)
* Falling on your ass because of frozen-over steps, roads, paths, hills...
* The layers
* The thing about not having to work when it's colder than -20 not being true...

Actually, I think I've run out. It's not really all that bad, despite my moaning. And anyway they say the warm weather's on its way. You know you're getting used to these temperatures when a forecast for -8 seems almost tropical.

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Anonymous Dezso said...

Boo, you have been talking too much about weather now. To the measure that now Hungary recently started to resemble to a freezer as well.
You hoodoo-wicca, you...

9:59 pm  

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