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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Postcard from Toruń

I was slightly concerned after the projectile vomiting reports that Toruń would be intimately linked with illness, but so far I seem to be getting away with my standard winter cough and cold. Not too bad I guess.

European Voluntary Service 'mid-term training' is what's brought me to this city and I'm very grateful to it for doing so. We have had a frantic training session so far; about five meals a day and lots of 'sharing' discussions... no structure, no aims and objectives, no real content. It's great being with the volunteers though and everyone knows how much I love exploring new places.

When I told people I was coming to Toruń, and that I'd never been before, they were all falling over themselves to declare it one of Poland's most beautiful cities and so far I have to say they're right.

Once I'm back in Warsaw at the end of the week I will be sure to upload my usual truckload of photos and you can see for yourselves, but so far the thing that has impressed me with its beauty even more than the architecture, the ancient ruins, the churches, or the pretty streets still decorated with festive lights is the river.

The river has chunks of ice flowing in it. They are not just rough chunks either, but an assortment of shapes, large and small, all with a rough edge of jagged snowy ice, shaped I imagine by the numerous clashes that are inevitable as the pieces are floated along by the fast current. The ducks have a tough job trying to swim in between them and are often forced to take to their awkward wings, lumbering off with a great deal of fuss. A couple I noticed had given up and were sitting defeated in the middle of their icy islands. Today the sun was shining brightly but the river still had a mist hovering above it, giving the scene a surreal feel. The whole place is very enchanting, I will definitely be back.

Wish you were here... if you're lucky I'll bring you back some gingerbread.

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Anonymous Kinuk said...

Happy to hear that you're enjoying Torun with no projectile vomitting. It is indeed one of the most (if not *the*) beautiful cities in all of Poland. I will go back there once it warms up and wonder aimlessly along it's old town. Enjoy your training!

8:52 am  

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