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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Don't give up hope...

Winter will end. The snow and ice will melt. I will be able to leave the house in just a jacket. The sun will shine. The trees will grow leaves. The bulbs will push through the hard ground. The birds will build nests. The days will get longer. People will start smiling more.

Repeat until spring.

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Blogger Monef said...

Well, i'll have to piggy-back onto your hopefulness because I appear to have lost all mine!

6:58 pm  
Anonymous gs said...

Nice photo!

Shame about the date...

10:15 pm  
Anonymous Kinuk said...

It sounds like you need a long holiday, somewhere warm, somewhere where the sun stays up later than 4pm...either that, or more skiing and sun.

Hang in gets better, I promise. Except the smiling bit...people here never smile more...they just grimace less. ;)

8:54 am  

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