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Sunday, April 02, 2006

pinch me

I got off relatively lightly from yesterday's April Fools' Day. Just an 'oh look, it snowed again in the night' from Marek which would have been rather lame, if I hadn't fallen for it hook line and sinker 'whaaaaaat? This bloody country! Oh. Look. No snow.' It was especially gullible of me since I'd looked out the window about, oh, five seconds earlier.


Anyway, once he'd finished laughing about that I was all clear for the rest of the day.


When I was a teenager in Germany, I did what every other teenager in need of spare cash does, I babysat. Luckily for me, the babysitting I did was generally for dipomatic families and so the houses I went to generally had big tvs to watch, exotically stocked cupboards and impressive dvd collections. They paid well too and all I generally had to do was read the kids a story and put them to bed.

I am partly reliving my teenage evenings this week, but this time with a difference. A big difference: I'll be here all week, day and night. I'm staying at a big expat house just out of Warsaw (think sauna, jacuzzi bath, pool table) overseeing cleaning and ironing ladies, music and language tutors and the comings and going of 3 'kids', the youngest of whom is 14.

Sure I have to cook, and there are two dogs who have to be let out into the garden every once in while, but (without wanting to jinx anything...) it all seems pretty straightforward so far.

I'm staying in a room which, if you add in the en-suite bathroom and walk in wardrobe, is about the size of our flat. You think I'm exaggerating? Not so much. It's beautiful. The kids are charming and helpful, the dogs are bribeable with treats and the jacuzzi bath? Bliss.

If you need me I'll be in the sauna...

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Anonymous Brendan said...

Forget Aaron and his Parisian plans.I'm jealous of you. Dammit!

11:13 pm  

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