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Tuesday, February 20, 2007


I'm one of those snobs who holds the (inherited) opinion that lotteries are basically just extra ways of making the poor poorer, and a small minority richer. After all, the rich have no need to play the lottery, and the odds are such that the people who want to win so badly give out more than they can afford, with the firmly held belief that next time it could be them.

I very rarely play the Polish lotto, but Marek's a big fan. The very first time I came to Poland, he made me choose the numbers for him (at that point I was indulgent of all his little whims.) I picked them and of course we won. Not the full amount, but around 100zl, which we happily spent the next time I visited him in Poland.

When I moved over here, I started my regular ranting against the lottery and spread about my theory about making the poor poorer and nothing being for free in this world. Marek humoured me and carried on buying the odd ticket, usually getting me to pick the numbers, claiming I was his lucky charm and that I should make the most of it.

Marek's family told me about a distant relative who also had good luck and won thousands with various lotteries and gambling projects. Marek's mum looked at me earnestly and said I really should play more often. I smiled and told them my luck's all been used up and that now was the time to stop playing.

Over the last couple of years I've played maybe five times, and won another 15zl or so. Every time we get nothing, I smile a little smile and feel vindicated. Last saturday we went shopping with Marek's sister and she bought two tickets. She held them out, face down and told us to choose one. I picked one and thanked her, then forgot all about it.

Just now, I found the paper screwed up in my pocket and checked the numbers. We got four out of six - 233.30zl It's not a fortune but it's enough to buy Marek's sister a big present and keep all the talk of lucky charms coming for some time to come.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Right now in Belgium there is someone who has won more than a million euro in the Europe-wide Lotto and has not claimed his prize. I expect his ticket is screwed up in his pocket too! It is now on the national news - appeals for him to come forward; they are even thinking of disclosing the shop where the winning ticket was bought! Such excitement!

10:51 am  
Blogger Destiny said...

I think you are also getting a kick of winning the lottery, in spite of yourself!

9:52 am  

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