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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Tiger-sized scrumptious happiness

I finally got round to making (probably very inauthentic) Thai green curry with big fat scrummy tiger prawns last night for dinner.

Pretty huh?

It was fab for three main happy reasons.


I've had the recipe for months, and every time we couldn't think what to have for dinner, I thought oh! I'll make that prawn thing I've been meaning to do. And then I'd realise we didn't have pawns. Or coconut milk, or other major ingredients. But finally we bought all the stuff we needed and I actually made it. I like ticking things off my 'to do' list.


When I go to a restaurant and see something with tiger prawns in, I always want it. It's invariably overpriced and they always seem to give me two, maybe three prawns total. I end up wishing I had ordered something else. When you buy your own though, it's cheaper and you get to put as many as you like in the thing you're making. Recipes are only guidelines after all...


It was fantabulously delicious, quick and easy. I salvaged my conscience after far too many 'let's just get a pizza' nights.

Can you tell I've perked up?


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