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Friday, January 19, 2007

what do you mean, grow up?

While I wouldn't dream of breaking my don't-blog-about-work rule, I am going to write about something that stems from differences between the Polish and English languages, that may or may not have been brought to my attention at work.

I may or may not have been editing a piece about a restaurant that had very fancy food and was proud of the fact that the chef made all the desserts from high quality ingredients 'while using no conservatives'. This has me almost choke on my tongue while I HAW HAW HAWed, imagining the line of miserable tories who had been banned from the kitchen. 'I'm sorry, you just can't come in, give Mr. Blair a go for a month or so and then we'll see...'

So, I (may or may not have) changed conservatives to preservatives and then realised that if a Pole who didn't have a great grasp of English read that sentence, they'd have their own reason to giggle.

Prezerwatywa means condom.

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