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Monday, January 15, 2007

Why would they do that?

The other day I switched on BBC Prime and there was nothing. No home decorating shows, no re-runs of sitcoms I've been out of the country long enough not to have ever seen, no cooking shows, no game shows, just a blank screen.

Funny, I thought, and then watched a Polish channel for ten minutes and went off to do something else.

Today, I was watching my Polish soap opera, when Marek said he had some very bad news to tell me. He sounded so serious, I was surprised when his response to my questioning was just a 'look at channel 9'.

They've switched it off for good! Gone. Kapow. Pooof!

No BBC Prime.

They say the contract is finished and there's going to be a new channel. Minimini. I mean purlease. What kind of channel calls itself minimini?

It's not like I need BBC Prime, but I'm so far detached from British popular culture that it's the only link I have to anything British, and after a year of 7 Polish tv channels I was so happy to be getting anything, as you may remember...

So bleurgh to you UPC. I've written to you (ok, Marek technically wrote, but it looks like it's from me so play along) and I expect answers! Answers damn you.


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Anonymous gs said...

Nothing that a little authentic period satellite dish wouldn't solve ...
No but really that's out of order, isn't it - the same thing happened to us with BBC Prime when it went digital, rendering our expensive analogue receiver redundant. There's rumours of similar shinanigins in Brussels, where our cable supplier is ... UPC

10:32 pm  
Blogger Aaron Fowles said...

The internet, my dear, can be your best friend.

2:19 am  
Anonymous szwed said...

Hey, why don`t you ditch the UPC for another provider (one beginning with 'A' for instance) which still includes BBC Prime (but not, to my knowledge, Minimini) in its channel offer. I admit these companies are Masters of the Smallprint, so it might take you a while to make the switchover, but still it`s worth a try.

Writing letters to these companies never works - they apologize with their pockets.

8:03 am  
Blogger Becca said...

gs - we actually do have a satellite our neighbours are borrowing at the moment, so we may switch, but yeah, bastards

aaron - you're right, but my couch is comfier than my computer chair :(

szwed - the problem is we only signed the contract a couple of months ago, but yes, will look into it

6:40 pm  

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