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Monday, December 11, 2006

Palace of Culture, Science and Festive Cheer

My "little" brother Edd has been here for a couple of days and will be here for a couple more. It's been a lot of fun so far.

Late on Saturday afternoon we were making our way back from a walk in the Old Town and around, and we decided to go past the Palace of Culture and Science. It was perfect timing, because our new Mayor Hanna was just about to light the Christmas tree and a large brass band was just about to play "White Christmas" so we got festive atmosphere thrown at us for an hour or so, topped off with fireworks.

The only thing that makes sunset before 4pm worth it, is if you have fireworks before 5pm. Admittedly, they were rather close to the Palace and we did get bombarded with flaming firework casings that showered down on the crowd, presumably hitting the kids on parents' shoulders first, but it was an impressive show.

Since then there's been drinks with friends, a dinner with Marek's family and a cinema outing, but weekends just aren't long enough. Damn you, Monday.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

fireworks ;)

10:43 pm  
Anonymous Keji said...

I'm at work, world's wors headache and anticipating the arrival of 5.30 and started reading to avoid actually doing some work. So just thought I'd leave a little commet to say hello because its been a while.

Really like your sleepwalking one...and say hi to Ed...and Marek.

5:18 pm  
Blogger Becca said...

Sehr schoen feuerwerke nein? Jesus, my German. Poof! Gone.

Hope the headache clears up Kejdzee (that's how you'd spell it if you were Polish ;)) Just missed Edd - he's on his plane now, but it was a laugh.

6:26 pm  

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