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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Quick question

I'm listening to Diana Ross, a song called Remember Me. As I listen I identify something very weird that I've only just consciously noticed about this song. I wonder if you can explain it to me.

So she starts off all, 'go ahead and leave me, I won't hold you down' and she's surprisingly chirpy and tuneful about it. She knows he has some new love, she knows he's going to be happy and 'make it' (what exactly she doesn't share, but he's going to make something).

She goes on to her main point of the song, which is for him to remember her as a good thing. Her various alternatives of things she wants this guy to remember her as are a sunny day, a funny clown (that made you laugh when you were down), a breath of spring, the sound of laughter and with every song he sings, as well as asking him not to forget her in his tender thoughts.

All of that I get. I even understand her slightly bizarre request that he remember her when he drinks the wine (of sweet success, she gave him her best don't you know).

The bit I Do. Not. Get. (hence my little question to you) is the bit where she sings 'remember me as a big balloon.' A big what? A big round brightly coloured plastic balloon, I imagine floating on a little string with a happy child at the end of it? Why? Why would she want him to remember her like that?

Please tell me why she wants him to remember her as a big balloon. Please.

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Anonymous gs said...

it rhymes?

11:51 pm  
Blogger Becca said...

Yeah, but so does raving loon or favourite spoon and she doesn't ask him tom remember her like that. Wouldn't it have been better to say something like 'don't forget me soon'. Ok, it's lame but it rhymes and makes more sense.

I missed my calling as Diana Ross songwriter obviously.

9:21 am  
Anonymous szwed said...

The entire quote is: Remember me as a big balloon / At a carnaval that ended too soon

When you look at it in context, in my view she is not comparing herself to a balloon at all. Rather, she`s saying "remember me as you would remember the carnival that ended, and the balloon is a souvenir of that carnival". So she is the carnival, rather than the balloon.

11:10 am  
Blogger Becca said...

But when she sings it, she mumbles the last part of the sentence, and at the end of the song she jut repeats 'a big balloon' all by itself.

I understand the carnival context thing, but she could have tried harder to emphasise it, it really sounds like she wants to be the balloon rather than the ended-too-soon carnival.

6:50 pm  
Anonymous Frenchbluefish said...

I really dunno !

12:23 pm  

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