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Friday, November 17, 2006


So, Babel. Yeah, it was ok and I liked the way it wasn't a Hollywood cliche with tied up ends and happy smiling people, but the people in the film were cursed with really bad luck. All of them. It's supposed to be hopeful I think, and saying how we should listen to one another despite our different languages, cultures, etc, which I'm all in favour of, but we were kind of left thinking 'oh, but the point of the film?' I know I'm causing filmy people to gasp and weep at my blasphemy, but I wasn't as blown away as I expected to be.

Now Bond, (yes, already! Oh, isn't it? We got free tickets to the premiere Wednesday night, or was it the pre-premiere? Can't be sure...) was understandable in the way that Bond films are. I didn't object to the new Bond too much and the classic Bond elements were well represented (unbelievable death-defying stunts mid-battle, no bleeding after being shot at by tens of men with machine guns, beautiful women falling for his bad boy charms).

[uwaga! spoiler warning! uwaga!]

There's this bit (at what I thought at the time was the end), when Bond goes all soft and hands in his resignation to wander the world with the newly found love of his life and I was all like 'Whaaaat? You have to be seriously kidding me' and (Thank God) they were! The love of his life doesn't stay that way for long and he gets back into the action and forgets about being a new-age caring man.

The best line of that film has to be when Bond goes to the bar, when he's just lost a lot of money to the personal banker of international terrorists around the world, and asks for his standard Bond martini. The barman asks 'shaken, not stirred?' and Bond just looks at him: 'Does it look like I give a damn?' Ace.

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Anonymous szwed said...

I totally agree with you on "Babel". I thought it was all form and no content. Some nice pictures is all.

9:45 am  
Anonymous gs said...

check that quote, though, the FT thought it was "shaken or stirred?". It's a pretty classic reply though - as you both thought.

12:40 am  
Anonymous gs said...

I suppose it's a version of "amI bothered?" "does it look as if I'm bothered?" "Am I bothered though? Am I?"

12:42 am  

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