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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Warsaw delight

Saturday night we went to see Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo, which was pretty great. Where Romeo and Juliet had been floaty and beautiful, the trocks were bitchy and entertaining, especially this guy, who was pure talent on legs. Still, all of it was pretty much a variation on a theme, and as most of the jokes relied on knowing some characteristic features of famous ballet dancers and ballets, we (the uncultured thugs that we are) were left on the outside looking in a couple of times. It's great for a laugh though - I recommend it.

Anyway, afterwards we were feeling a bit peckish (now there's a word I haven't used for a while), and as we were leaving the Palace of Culture Marek said he knew just the place. We walked across the car park and Marek walked up to a beige bus. 'You are kidding' I said, as he opened the door for me. He just smiled.

Inside, I looked around in amazement. The interior of the bus had been kitted out and was functioning as a little cafe. The old bus seats were there, but around tables. The counter, towards the front of the bus had cutlery and paper napkins and a menu was displayed on a chalkboard. We ordered baked camembert with cranberries (posh food and everything) and the guy passed the order to where the driver should have been, from where the smells and sounds of frying were wafting.

We made our way through the smoking taxi drivers to the back, and sat, my mouth still agape at the fabulousness of it all. When the food came, promptly, it was good. The atmosphere was a bit smoky but cosy and it finished off the evening nicely.

The Warsaw surprises keep coming.

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