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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Outdone again

Although I've mainly done jobs of the bad-pay-but-good-on-the-cv variety, bonuses and work-related awards are not familiar territories. A long time ago I worked for the best bank in the world, and got a couple of bottles of wine when customers said nice things about me, but that was really where my corporate career ended.

For my latest project (come on it's been soooo long since I last plugged, er, mentioned it) I have a certain amount of interviewing to do, so my project's budget (which doesn't run to a salary for me) stretched to a very nice little creative zen, with enough room to record various interviews and oh! look! I might just put a couple of songs on there to listen to on my way to refugee centres... ahem.

Anyway, so I was feeling a little guilty at the loveliness of my little zen, when Marek came back from work last night, grinning from ear to ear.

As he made his company the most money from the contracts he wrote them last year, they gave him a present. What kind of present? Funny you should ask... a creative zen! But before you start worrying that we may get our zens mixed up, don't!

Mine is like this...
whereas Marek's is like theeeeees...

Seriously. It's a motha. It's memory is 60 times the size of mine. No exaggeration.

So, I've decided to stop feeling guilty about not buying a crackly cassette dictaphone instead of the zen. Turns out it wasn't so extravagant after all.

Oh, aaand he got 1000 zl travel voucher... where shall we go? Hmmm.

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Blogger Edd said...

Wow! Nice one Marek. Well earned!

8:29 pm  

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