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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Soon. The sickness. It will go.

I no longer feel like I'm at death's door. I'm backing away down the path, one hand on my throat, the other at my head croaking 'another couple of days, just another couple and I'll be fine honest'. No, that's still an exaggeration, I'm feeling much better, apparently looking more alive and sounding less and less like an 80 year old with a serious smoking habit. That's always fun.

Of course, the vicious bug that did this to me didn't leave me before sticking its middle finger up at me, blowing a raspberry at the naive 'no kissing' rule and striking Marek down too. It was inevitable. My nursing skills don't come quite so naturally as they do to angel-boy, but we are sharing the tissues and drugs between ourselves quite nicely.

Anyway, more interestingly it's snowing! It's winter! This time last year -26, but this year, it's barely staying below freezing.

I must be getting better as the realisation that a whole load of work has been piling up as I've been wheezing and groaning is starting to bother me. All in good time.


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Blogger Monef said...

Hope you are feeling better!

We just had our first snowfall here too. It was paltry by NYC standards, but it was still snow.

3:38 pm  

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