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Be who you are and say what you mean, those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind

Sunday, January 21, 2007

nope, no title for this one

I know how annoying it is when bloggers are ill and post 'I'm snotty and sick and can't think of anything to say' posts. So I won't. Actually I'm not snotty, just coughing like a dog (literally, think 'woof, woof') and with a throat that will only accept soup and warm liquids containing a good spoonful of honey. But you don't care about that so I won't say any more on the matter.

The only thing making me feel less sorry for myself at the moment is the truly horrible replays they keep showing of that poor Czech boy who fell on his head at Zakopane yesterday. Why do they keep replaying it? It's horrible. The boy (come on, he's younger than my little brother) looked like he was doing fine, flying off the end of the ski jump, and then suddenly something's not quite right, he's not in the right position, and as you watch you're thinking 'Dear God, no, straighten yourself, otherwise you'll land right on your hea...' and then he lands. On his head. And they keep playing it. Ok, we get it. Ski-jumping's a dangerous sport. He is critically ill in hospital. I am not the centre of the world, I just have a cough and a cold. I get it.


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