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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Drip drip drip

Is there anything more depressing than rain falling on snow?

Well, apart from fleeing war and violence and finding yourself in Poland that is...

Jeez, these refugee stories really get to me. It's terrible but I think it's just as well I only work two days a week on my refugee project and spend the rest of the time correcting awful (allegedly...) English. I wouldn't be able to take the emotional drain otherwise.

Asylum seekers can't escape from their lives, but I can. Isn't that shameful?

I'm reading a wonderful, terrible, depressing and thought provoking book at the moment. It's fascinatingly heart-wrenching. The things people do to one another is shocking, and the lives people are forced into is desperately sad.

Count your blessings.

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Anonymous gs said...

I do - but keep reminding us.

1:16 pm  

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