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Sunday, February 18, 2007

end of week round up

So we had Valentine's (a lovely bunch of deep pink tulips thank you very much) and 'fat thursday', which is the same idea as shrove tuesday, except with doughnuts, and the week before so you can really stuff yourself before lent. Then we had friday, which is always a good day, and THEN last night we got another Polish wedding.

It was the usual mixture of friends and family. The bride, her bump almost concealed under the huge traditional dress, smiled and blushed and the bridesgroom looked proud. There was the usual enormous amount of food and freely flowing vodka. The band led games and dances, and I danced with my fair share of drunken uncles and enthusiastic cousins. One in particular kept hurling his girlfriend in Marek's direction and dragging me onto the dancefloor, to whirl and twirl with an incredible amount of energy.

The end of carnival is as good a time as any to hold a wedding I guess, but if I ever get married it is not going to be in February in Poland. The church was freezing and the poor bridesmaids turned blue. Blue bridesmaids is not a good wedding look.

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