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Friday, February 09, 2007

port pass

I emerged from the lift and a bored looking security guard stood up.

After showing him my form, he got a hand-held beepy device out and ran it over my winter coat. I suppose I could have had a small handgun hidden in there somewhere.

He told me to go through, and I went along a corridor into the visa and consular room. After figuring out the crowd of people were all waiting for visas, I went towards the empty desk and pushed the button it said to push. Nothing happened. I stood back and looked at the visa crowd, considering whether it was worth asking the lady dealing with them to call a colleague for me.

I pushed the button again, a bit harder this time and suddenly a great blast of 'Auld Lang Syne' started up. I had to suppress a giggle as a lady appeared to help me. Jokers.

I handed in my form, and a great wad of bank notes. She counted them out and I thought folornly about all the pages I had had to copy-edit to earn what I'd just handed over (over 50 if you want to know).

After apologies about not being able to verify the photo (whatever that means) because the system between there and London was down (probably due to that terrible weather they're having), she told me it would take a week.

Feb 16 it will be ready - my brand new vastly expensive biometric super duper British passport.

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Anonymous gs said...

Just don't put it through the washer, as they have now revealed that the warranty on the chip is only two years - even though you have paid for a ten year passport.

9:52 am  

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