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Friday, April 28, 2006

YOU may not find it exciting, but there are plenty here who do so just keep quiet and don't spoil it for them!

Please, dear people at the BBC; I did, I stole this picture of His Holiness from your site but I have no money so please don't sue me. Thanks.

The Pope's coming to Poland. I mentioned this earlier, but now I'm mentioning it again because he's released his schedule (as faithful readers of Catholic World News will already know...)

Actually, I'm a little sad I'll miss his open air mass in Warsaw. A little. Ok, so I'm not Catholic, well I don't even believe in God really, and I do have quite a few problems with some central beliefs of the Catholic Church, and I'll be in Canada having a good time... but still. It's The Pope. It's The Pope coming to The Former Pope's nation. It's An Event (ok, I'll stop with the capitals now).

I would like to see his reaction to the enormous picture of Jan Paweł II by the old town, I would like to see how the Poles react to his being here and I would like the opportunity to verify whether he looks like The Penguin in real life, or if it's just in the pictures (no bolts of lightening have struck me down yet... maybe God thinks he looks a bit evil to be a Pope too... it's just that pose he always does lowering his head and looking up, it's a little sinister. Oh I think I've gone too far now. I'll stop.)

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Anonymous Keji said...

beware the lightening bolts!!

I agree, God must think so too...or you would totally be toast!

12:57 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

March of the Penguins...All of the nuns waddling out of their convents to see the Uber-Pingwin. The hottest docu-comedy in Polska!

Sorry...didn't mean to ruffle any feathers (damn I just can't stop).

Well...I gotta fly.

5:44 pm  

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