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Monday, April 24, 2006


Yes, I know I haven't been writing anything at all regularly and all you kind people have been faithfully checking the site and being let down (indulge me).

Well, things have been busy and I've been unwell, but have a look at some photos and let me finish off this EVS project then in a couple of weeks I'll have all sorts of exciting things to tell you, like how my holiday in Canada is going, and how far Marek and I have got looking for a flat to buy together, and... er, well other thrilling stuff like that.


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Blogger Monef said...

i just saw someone on the nyc subway who looked exactly like your dad and was reminded of you! How are you...hope you are having fun in Canada

8:29 pm  
Anonymous gs said...

It was me - Hi Monef!

10:42 pm  
Anonymous gs said...

or rather Efe, hi, sorry, didn't recognise you as Monef, how're you doing? Actually it wasn't me really, cos I'm here in Brussels.

10:46 pm  
Blogger Krista said...

Edd mentioned something about a flat-purchasing! I am most impressed by how very grown up you and Marek are...

4:32 am  

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