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Monday, October 03, 2005

She lives again

We spent the weekend in Jabłonna and on Saturday M fixed his bike. When I say 'on Saturday' what I mean is 'aaaaaaaaaaaall day Saturday' from the moment we arrived in the morning until some friends came over for drinks in the evening. Meanwhile, I played 'good little Polish girl', doing my last Polish lesson's praca domowa, buying and preparing food with M's sister Julita, trying to chat in my best Polish with Rafał (Julita's boyfriend) and popping my head round the garage door once in a while to ask if I could help. (As if!) Actually, M, being the sweetie he is, humoured me and asked me to screw on little screws and hold wires every so often. I felt very useful...
Anyway, it all paid off and she roars like she used to again.
Yesterday the sun came out and we went for a ride in the woods, me in the sidecar being jumped over every bump in the track, pinning my helmet to my head with one hand and clinging desperately to my seat with the other. No, I exaggerate, we didn't go that fast and it was pretty relaxing actually watching the trees whizz by and cyclists throw themselves off the path as we approached. Such fun. M has plans of going away for the weekend on the bike. It's ok with me, just keep your fingers crossed that it doesn't break down...

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Anonymous mwah ha ha ha said...

preferred the version of the story with the clinging desperately and holding on for dear life to helmet....much more entertaining

6:18 pm  

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