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Monday, September 19, 2005

It's funny what you can tell from people's faces

Elections are coming up and I've been trying to get up to speed with Polish politics.
According to the economist, '
Polish politicians are a mostly mediocre lot, keener on squabbling with each other than talking (let alone listening) to the voters. Campaigning in the mainstream of politics is lacklustre and patronising; in more radical backwaters, it is weird, verging on the mad. Even in parties that try to call themselves clean there is a whiff of corruption; in others there is an outright stench. The country's only world-class politician is the outgoing president, Aleksander Kwasniewski. He earned international recognition for brokering a peaceful transfer of power in neighbouring Ukraine during last year's revolution. No one else, least of all from the right-of-centre parties likely to win the elections in September, shows much sign of matching him.'
Not too encouraging is it?
There are billboards everywhere at the moment with politicians vying for votes. Most of them do look pretty uninteresting although I've seen a woman with amazingly red hair, and another youngish guy with those intense Polish eyes. A while ago I spotted a particularly greasy looking guy: Kilroy-Silk style with white hair, fake tan and smarmy smile that turns your stomach slightly. When I asked Marek who it was, he agreed he was awful, and referred to him as the 'Polish Le Pen'. Others seems to have a similarly negative view of the guy and recently I've seen a good few Hitler mustaches sprayed on his posters.
I'm going to try and find some more encouraging political news but until then for anyone who actually wants to know more, there's quite a bit on the eternally useful wikipedia site.

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