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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Yesterday was Important. Apparently.

I made a soldier giggle yesterday.
I was walking through our little park (I say 'our' little park but I guess it doesn't actually belong to us) and up the steps towards the tram stop.
There's this war memorial at the top of the steps and on Important Days there are flowers and candles and stuff. Well, I didn't know it was an Important Day but apparently it was because not only were there flowers and banners and candles, but two soldiers, guns and all.
Across the road I saw an army car with a few soldiers lounging about, but there was nothing to explain their presence, and I wasn't about to ask, what with them likely to reply in fast incomprehensible Polish and all.
So, I was looking about me with what must have been a slightly puzzled expression, because as I caught the eye of one of the soldiers on guard, he giggled. Actually it was more of a half-swallowed hiccuppy grunt, and as the corners of his mouth twitched and his shoulders shook he did that desperate stare, where you focus on something high up and away from the thing making you laugh, so you can control your facial muscles and hold your gun straight.
Made me smile anyway.

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Anonymous edd said...

Still, the weather looks nice!

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