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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Bonn International School. Hell yeah.

I would have written about this weekend already, but it's taken me this long to recover. Apparently, old friends, cheap beer, gossip, Polish vodka and visits to old haunts (mixed with a large swizzle stick and downed in one) is the perfect recipe for total body failure when you finally make it home.

Now I've slept a bit, and started taking in more than just alcohol and cake, I am ready to face the challenge. It was good. I mean, really good, so much better than I thought it would be.

I knew it would be cool seeing old friends and trying not to giggle while calling old teachers by their first names, but it was good! The best represented groups were my class and my little brother's class (so what if he's graduating from uni next month? Little is a relative term, he will ALWAYS be my little brother, even when he's a grandfather). Enough old students came to pack out the pub, like the good old days. And a current student or two even came and drank far too much, allowing us to chuckle to ourselves and pretend we are all older and wiser now...

The formal bits redeemed themselves with good food and that new school building! Good Lord, those kids don't know how lucky they are (Kids today! In my day...). We made do with peeling paintwork and leaky bunsen burners. They have lap tops and a design technology lab that got Marek so excited I thought he was going to stay all day and build us a little model. The early learning centre made me wonder whether it would be a little over the top to have a baby and move to Bonn, just so the kid could go there. I decided it was. A little. Something to bear in mind though.

So yeah, the trip was good. A few lame people (yes YOU, you really have no excuse) didn't show, but those who did made it worthwhile. We have to do it again. Maybe we'll even manage a gap of fewer years next time.

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Blogger Steve said...

Seems like you all had a good time, I was the Pics wish i could have been there.

7:21 pm  

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