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Monday, May 28, 2007


As I walked away, I tried my very best to feel, if not sad, at least a little reflective, or solemn, or something.

As hard as I tried though, no matter how many times I reminded myself I met good friendly people there, or I learned a little maybe, I couldn't help the feeling of euphoria bubbling up inside. I couldn't keep that silly grin off my face as I said a cheery 'do widzenia!' to the doorman, knowing full well I wouldn't see him again. I couldn't shake the feeling even when I missed three trams in a row and reminded myself sharply that the money wasn't going to be regularly coming into my bank account any more.

I really don't care.

The summer is ahead of me, and I'm free of that place!

I'm free of incomprehensible texts and pages and pages of barely concealed advertising. I'm free of American spelling and infuriating translations that stick to Polish sentence constructions. I'm free of incompetent management and awful communist writing styles. I'm free!

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Blogger Aaron Fowles said...

eh, youz godda problem wit american spelling?

1:29 am  
Anonymous Kinuk said...

Congratulations!! I look forward to hearing about your new job (once you've created your own role)...enjoy the summer stress-free and spelling-free.

Don't even get me started on American spelling...Royal Society of Chemistry has now allowed the US spelling of sulphur on GCSE and A-level exam papers...grrrr...

6:33 am  
Blogger Krista said...

Congratulations, Becca! There's no better feeling than the final day of a job you don't enjoy...

American spelling does suck. Go (much underappreciated) Canadian spelling!

4:51 pm  
Blogger Monef said...

Tell me about the hassles of American spelling! Its like an entirely different language.

Glad you've broken free. Must feel amazing.

2:58 pm  
Blogger Becca said...

Don't take it personally Aaron, but yes. A big problem.

Thank you for feeling my pain girls, I have to retrain myself to write centre, labour and organise now.

5:17 pm  

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