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Monday, May 21, 2007

CS fire

In our corridor

'Uh-oh' Marek said, speaking over the breakfast news. I looked up from my toast.

'Huh?' I'd caught 'w Anglii' and something about fire, but nothing else.

'Some old clipper has been burned.' Marek said, and I went back to my breakfast. I don't care much for ships, and I was thinking about something much more important.


At work it was hectic. I didn't stop all day, even reading texts while munching on my sandwiches. The excessive workload stopped my usual visit to the BBC News website to catch up on what was going on in the world. It was hot and I resented the time I was inside. I dreamed of cool showers.


When I finally got in from work, I flopped onto the sofa, turning on the telly just as the newsman got to the end of the transmission. The picture from the last news section was still up behind him. That picture... that boat looks familiar. Hang on a...

I flicked channels frantically, cursing UPC for the millionth time that we have no more BBC World. CNN was talking about Lebanon and the German news was on some local festival. Finally, I waited a while on TV5 and a French woman told me what I was beginning to suspect. The burning ship? It was the Cutty Sark!

I grew up in Greenwich, and couldn't tell you how many times we took visitors to that ship, walked past that ship, stood near the ship waiting for our friend to run past in the marathon... That wasn't just a ship, that was part of Greenwich. Is part of Greenwich. As I got older, it was a meeting spot for Saturday afternoons with friends, and as I got even older (but not old enough for the pubs) it was an evening hangout, sneaking sips of beer on the benches around the ship.

The Cutty Sark!

Close-up of in our corridor

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