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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Come on, that's just rude

Remember the plant that was nicked? Weeell, things just got dirty.

The poster won us a battle, but it's clear the war is far from over. Although the first two posters were ripped down, the third stayed in place until a week after the plant went missing and I took it down myself. For a few weeks things went quiet. I noticed the plants on the floor below had been removed, but whether by the owners or by the plant thief, remains unclear.

When the postman knocked on my door to give me my tax refund the other day (I wish that happened more often) he nodded in the direction of the windowsill and asked if we'd got the missing plant back. I told him we hadn't and that we'd put out a replacement and he shook his head sadly, tutting about people nowadays.

A couple of days later, Marek and I were leaving for work, and noticed a half-empty water bottle on the windowsill. It was filled with a cloudy liquid, but apart from remarking on it being a bit weird, we thought nothing of it.

Yesterday, Marek prodded the soil to see if the plants needed watering and noticed the soil of one was surprisingly wet.

Today that plant looks like this:

Not quite dead, but dying, and smelling very strongly of some chemical or other. What kind of loser gets pleasure from killing someone else's plant?

I can almost understand stealing a plant to have for yourself, but killing it? That's just low.

Why would you do that? People, I need tactics.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

9:20 pm  
Blogger Becca said...

Well that's one approach anon, or we have the alternative Marek found on allegro - a fake camera that does no recording but swivels towards movement and has a red light that comes on when someone approaches. It's very tempting :)

9:40 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

make an other poster (big black letters on white background)

"Tutaj staly kiedys kolorowe kwiaty ,aby nasz wspolny korytaz byl ladniejszy ,czyli poprostu aby wygladal jak w przecietnym cywilizowanym europejskim kraju.
Niestety wsrod zlodzieji i zenujacych ,zacofanych wiesniakow kwiaty dlugo nie przezyly.
Wiec pozostaje nam tylko cierpliwie czekac ,az ostatni warszawiak wyleczy sie ze swojej PRL'owskiej zlodziejskiej zacofanej zawistnej mentalnosci i wtedy obiecamy wam nowe one sa bardzo cierpliwe i przezyja kazdego chama ,nawet gdyby to mialo trwac 10lat".

and remove all your plants...

12:22 am  
Blogger Becca said...

ha ha ha... anon that's harsh, but yes, it would get the point across nicely. I'll add it to my list of considerations. At the moment, the plant is just sitting there looking pathetic and half-dead.

I could take the others away and leave them the dead one.

The problem is *I* want plants out there - I see them from the kitchen window, and they brighten the place up a bit. I don't want the %"$!*&s to win and chase the plants away, but I don't want them to poison the others either...

9:15 pm  
Anonymous Kitty Montana said...

This is war, even if it means covert ops to find out who the assailant is. You may have to sacrifice another plant to ultimately succeed!

5:22 pm  

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