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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Beware, impending rant

One word would nicely sum up Warsaw yesterday: MISERABLE.

I could of course expand; Warsaw was drippy, wet, slushy, runny, puddley, rainy, dreary, chilly. Warsaw's cars and buses (especially the buses) were on a mission to race at high speed through every puddle, splashing as many passers by as possible. The buildings were shedding every icicle and shelf of snow, drip by drip. People were wandering round with umbrellas and hoods pushed down over their eyes. I think you get the idea with miserable. Miserable works fine.

I've totally changed my mind when it comes to temperature. -20 is good. -10 is a bit better, but really, anything below -5 and not dangerously near -30 suits me just fine with all this snow around. It's the bastard temperatures around 0 you have to watch. The 'shall we water particles stay as snow? or shall we melt and then freeze and trip up some poor unsuspecting old lady? Ooh, what a choice, no contest...' Urgh. I nearly fell about a million times. No, I exaggerate, about 80 times. Walking across a road involved so many new choices: 'walk an extra 10 metres to go round the enormous puddle or try and daintily step through the shallower parts?' or 'step through that enticingly thin film of water, or avoid it at all costs because it is in fact a thin sheet of slippery ice?' 'run for the bus, grabbing people for support along the way or risk waiting 20 minutes for the next?'

*big big BIG sigh*

When I fell, it was into a huge puddle of recently melted snow, ready and waiting to rush icily up the leg of my jeans and stay there. For hours. It was just before I was to give my English lesson and I was surrounded by a group of young Chechen men I was about to teach. Fantastic.

Embarassment was way beyong me. I just sighed and futilely wiped at my jeans. Looked around me at the dripping buildings and splashing cars, and carried on my way.

The reason I can put up with this kind of crap? Did I mention I'm leaving the country in a few hours and I won't be back until Sunday? HA!

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Blogger Aaron Fowles said...

My students have learned that their lesson is going to be vicious when the first words I say are, "Wet socks."

8:22 am  
Blogger Edd said...

"Becca, I notice all your posts are about the weather. Do you have issues?"

It's a healthy -6 here, which I really won't complain about. s'nice.

3:01 pm  
Blogger Becca said...

Yeah I really need some good old fashioned wellington boots, with deep treads. Unfortunately my vast show collection doesn't include such things yet.

Nice quote Edd :) I think my life is composed of homosexuals in bad weather...

8:52 am  
Blogger Becca said...

...vast *shoe* collection...

dear oh dear

8:53 am  

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