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Monday, February 13, 2006

Back to school...

I went back to my old school over the weekend: Bonn International School. Except that it's no longer an 'old' school, but a spanking new one in its beautiful old location by the Rhine.

It wasn't a reunion as such, because very few old students were there but I caught up with a couple of teachers and admired the facilities (kids today! don't know how lucky they are...) There was something surreal about wandering the halls of a school, glass of wine in my hand and exchanging news and gossip with my old teachers. Another one of those 'doesn't time fly? aren't we all getting old' situations.

The buildings themselves are wide sweeping shapes which incorporate pre-school, primary and secondary levels, all with incredible views of the river. The whole place has been kitted out with new equipment and well-thought out spaces. The Director, who has been in charge of the whole project and who started out as a design and technology teacher has obviously had fun with the ordering of tools and machinery. It's fantastic.

Today I'm back to school in Warsaw, back to teaching English in a square room with a view of the road. I never want to be a career teacher but if I did, and I had the choice of schools I'd be straight back to Bonn.

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