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Sunday, April 06, 2008


Well, April blogging would have got off to a better start if I hadn't woken up on April 1st with eyes swollen shut, itchy blotchy red marks all over my face and neck and having almost lost the will to live. Still, it did its best to make me slow the hell down and The Great Allergic Reaction of 2008 will surely feature in the book of Becca right after The Neverending Glandular Fever of 1994 and The Freakishly Swollen Knee of 1988.

Since my face went back to normal and people stopped giving me the kind of staring looks that showed they were desperately trying not to dart glances all over my puffy bizarre-looking face, life has got much sweeter. Work took me to Slovenia, to a useful conference and to everyone-always-told-me-it-was-beautiful-and-damn-they-were-right Ljubljana. I got a macbook (yay!) which should have multiplied my blogging potential, as I can do it from right here between the covers. 

This weekend had me and my Pole together again, trying to cram it all in before the Sunday night flight took him back to Warszawa. The time jeered us as it flew by, the sinking feeling getting stronger as our weekend disappeared. We walked, talked, and even snuck a peek at the village where we first met but all too soon it was time for him to vanish through the gate at Charleroi and be wizzaired away until next time. 

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Blogger Aaron Fowles said...

And here I sit in Memphis with a wounded knee and scrounging for WiFi coverage at over-rated cafes.

Glad you and the Pole had some razem time.

7:59 pm  
Anonymous Stephen said...

Hi Becca! My name is Stephen, and I am an American college student who is hoping to move to Warsaw in the fall after I graduate from school. If you would be willing, I would love to ask you some questions about life in Poland and such. I'm just trying to get the logistics figured out and would love to talk to someone who has had the experience. My email address is: Ta!

1:29 am  

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