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Friday, July 06, 2007

Who's in charge of censoring in this country?

I don't get it.

That Paul Coelho book with a cover that shows a baby's finger pointing at a nipple (sorry, couldn't find a picture aaaaaaanywhere) has a big black box over the nipple on all the posters around Warsaw.

But, the magazine that has the terrible twins suckling, one on each of Merkel's breasts (nipples just visible) has been left alone.

I mean, clearly a normal country would have both uncensored, but which rule has this bizarre govenment introduced that sees an artistic book cover (which looks plainly stupid with a black box over it) as not for public viewing, while a magazine cover that makes me (and I suspect i'm not the only one) want to gag, as perfectly acceptable. It's witty, and provocative sure, but totally gross.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

As far as I know it was the publisher of the book himself who put that black square over the nipple on the posters. It must be some kind of self-censorship, I assume.

8:45 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, apparently it was the advertising company who convinced the publisher to cover the nipple.,34889,4205752.html,34397,4207558.html

8:53 pm  
Anonymous max said...

Hello Becca,

Is it possible to get in touch with you via e-mail? If so, please send me an e-mail to I run a portuguese political blog, and together with some hundreds of portuguese bloggers, we have initiated and obtained success on a camapign to spamm Polish Embassy in Lisbon on homophobia acts by your Govenrment

Since Portugal is now EU's Council President, we're looking to obtain some contacts in Polish blogoesphere to help us setting up another campaign

Please get in touch

Best regards


5:58 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

1.Poland has no ambasador in Lisbon.

2.There are any "homophobia acts in poland by polish Govenerment".
Do you think installing a gay TVP (main polish public TV station)director is an act of homophobia ?

There is much anti poland propaganda in the west european media.That's for sure.

6:40 pm  
Anonymous max said...

Dear Sir,

Yes it has. Poland's ambassador has presented his credentials to the Portuguese President and is, according to international legal standards, the diplomatic representative of warsaw in Lisbon

Your Government's embassy's website is:

Furthermore, the following online protest is already being spread throughout portuguese blogoesphere and sent to the several politicians such as Jose Manuel Barroso, Comission's president ( email:, and Jose Socrates, EU Council president (message to be sent in this website:

Dear Sir

Europe, as a community united around common political institutions, stands on the principles of Freedom, Equality and Fraternity, respect for Human Rights and the rule of Law. These are essential values of the European process and union and criterions to which applying countries must abide before becoming members and, as such, it is only natural to expect that a new European treaty would uphold those same principles. That is not, however, what one concludes when reading a clause of paragraph 18 of the draft document approved still during the German presidency that seeks to establish a legal exception that allows the Polish government to, according to its particular moral standards, determine if the citizens of Poland may or may not appeal to the European courts.If this clause makes it to the final version of the new European treaty, it will, in practice, pronounce the end of the rule of Law in the European Union and, as a consequence, the disrespect of one of the basic principles on which a united Europe was built. It would equal to an acceptance that fundamental Rights and Duties apply differently to different European citizens depending on the private moral standards of the members of their national governments. It would equal to an acceptance that the right to appeal to a European court would depend on the moralist approval of a national executive. It would, in the end, be reason enough to ask why is Turkey denied the right to be part of the European Union based on its disrespect of Human Rights when Poland is allowed an exemption on that same topic.As such, as a European, I come to ask you to prevent the inclusion of that clause of paragraph 18 in the final version of the new European treaty so that it may preserve and uphold the principle that in the European Union fundamental Rights and Duties apply to all its citizens regardless of their nationality, political opinions, race, religious belief, gender or sexual orientation.


1:05 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Sir.

when Poland created the first constitution in europe

and created the most democratic "Union of Lublin" in europe

the whole western europe had no idea what "democracy" or "union" even means.

So please stop the anti polish bullshit ,and concentrate on the poor african refugees in your countries...Their fate is more importand ,than your pseudo "human rights" BS.

4:18 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Polans has an embassy in Portugal,
but has no ambassador (Thanks,minister Fotyga!

5:48 pm  

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