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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Not literally I'm guessing...

The Polish language gets me rolling on the floor, haw-hawing, with tears streaming down my face and an arm clutched to my side where it hurts from the laughing, on a fairly regular basis.

The latest such episode was the result of an article about Polish hero Adam Małysz, who whizzes down very high slides with skis attached to his feet and then flies through the air until he lands what look like terrifying miles later, better than pretty much everyone else at the moment.

The phrase that caused my attack of hysterics was this:

Małysz znokautował rywali

To those of you who don't speak Polish (hi!) I realise it looks like a bunch of gibberish, although the quicker ones will have recognised his name as the first word (gold star for you).

To those of you who speak Polish and are all 'it's not that funny', just shush.

Look at the second word, and then think 'knock out' and then just accept that if something is in the past tense in Polish it very often starts with a z and ends with ował, then look again.

Małysz znokautował rywali

Małysz knocked out his rivals. It's AMAZING this language.


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