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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Omigod that was soooo disappointing!

You know when you're really hoping for something to happen, it's totally unlikely, you don't allow yourself to go with the possibility that it might actually happen but you hold your breath and cross your fingers and hope hope hope? Yeah, that's how we felt about Poland winning last night's game against Germany.


The Poles had seriously improved since that Godawful game against Ecuador, and the Germans kept missing the goal for some reason. As someone remarked, maybe all that praying had got through (they have to get some reward for all that religious devotion right?)

It was tense, very tense and then despite all those yellow cards handed out to the fouling Germans, somehow a Pole got two and was sent off. We were digging finger nails into palms by that point and I was watching the game as if it were a horror film (through the holes in my sweater, I can't stand those films). The thread of good fortune seemed to hold and hold - German kicks bounced the ball of goal post after goal post. Then. They scored. 91 minutes! I thought football games lasted 90. That's. Not. Fair.

So then we were all bleurgh and they showed all the crestfallen Polish fans in the stadium and I got gloating text messages from German 'friends' and unsmiley faces from fellow Poland supporters.

Now I have to decide whether who to support during tonight's match... Trinidad and Tobago or England?

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Anonymous claire said...

i can't believe you're even questioning that - i can understand the polish connection, i really do... i was even supporting them myself (although i must admit that all the rolling round on the floor and lethargic nature of the goal keeper was a bit disappointing) ... but T&T, since when have you lived there!
enjoy the match, whoever you support :) i'll be watching it at work!

4:48 pm  
Blogger Becca said...

Hey! The goalie wasn't lethargic, he was in control and concentrating... ahem.

8:12 pm  
Anonymous gs said...

Think of all the heartache you've saved by Poland's being knocked out at this stage - for England there is much agony to come...

11:44 pm  
Anonymous claire said...

rubbish match... only 2 late goals and england really need to pull themselves together as a team. still onwards and upwards :)

1:43 pm  

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