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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Third time unlucky

1. Last summer I tried on some clothes in a shop and was walking down the road, feeling for my phone when I realised it had gone. BUTITHASALLMYNUMBERSANDIDON'THAVEBACKUP! I screeched inside my head and rushed back to the shop where it had obviously fallen out while I was trying on the clothes. I held back from hugging the guy who handed it back to me and promised myself I would back all my numbers up that very day. Ha.

2. In the Winter there were some great offers on phones and I thought about getting a new one, one that would connect to the computer and do exciting things, one that would wake me up with the radio and bring me tea in bed. One I could copy all my numbers from into a spreadsheet and save me doing the whole thing by hand. I decided that mine was fine for the time being though and anyway, there are those shops you can take your phone to and they print out all your numbers for you. I was going to do it straight away. Ha.

3. I dropped my phone on a regular basis. People would look shocked as it broke into several pieces, the battery spinning wildly and the cover sliding under fridge, table, whatever happened to be close. I always laughed it off 'oh, it always does this', put it back together, surprised if it turned itself off unexpectedly, or acted in another slightly eccentric manner.

While in Canada, I dropped it again. This time, when I'd put it together again, it wasn't so happy. It turned itself off almost immediately despite its full battery. I tried again and it flickered briefly before dying for good. It showed me. It showed me good.

I never made a backup. I now have an old phone of Marek's but nobody's number. If you think I might like your number, please please send me an email and I promise I will back it up. Honest.

If, on the other hand, you never want me to call you again and think this may be the perfect opportunity to break away then pretend you didn't see this. That would be weird though, and a little creepy, what with you still reading my blog and all.

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