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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Three times three

Three facts about yesterday:

Good: It was exactly one year since Marek and I drove a very heavily laden car from Brussels into Warsaw moved into our Mokotów flat.
Bad: I was feeling very delicate after an impromptu party at our flat which lasted a few hours longer than it should have done and at which far too much alcohol was consumed.
Random: It was Constitution Day and there were lots and lots of Polish flags: On buildings, buses, even taxis.

Three facts about today:

My EVS voluntary project is finished! It was fun (well, and frustrating and all that too) while it lasted but now I can get on with the next step.
Bad: I have a list as long as my arm of things to do today and I'm not sure it will all get done.
Random: One of the things I have to do is to use up all the food inside the fridge. What can I do with a leek, cream and a cucumber?

Three facts about tomorrow:

Good: We're going to Canada! I have been looking forward to this trip for so long and suddenly it's here and we're off!
Bad: Before we get there we have two flights, a good many hours hanging about in airports and even longer on the actual plane.
Random: We haven't packed yet and Marek can't find the charger for his camera.

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Anonymous claire said...

have a great holiday, send me a postcard and chat when you get back! cxxx

1:34 pm  

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