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Thursday, October 11, 2007


As I walked past the fire station this morning, I was met by what looked like all the neighbourhood firemen. Not a situation to complain about, I agree, but a little confusing and out of the ordinary.

They were standing about by their fire engines a little way down the road from the station. All had an air of quiet resignation, as if they were prepared to wait as long as it took.

Although they weren't exactly lined up, it reminded me of school practice fire alarms.

Surely not though eh?

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Blogger Damien Moran said...

Hi B,

Glad to come across your blog. I was hoping to do some voluntary work with asylum seekers/refugees in Warsaw so wondering if you know who I should get in contact with. I work full-time as an English teacher in Warsaw at present, have worked on human rights issues for many years, interested in becoming more socially active if opportunities arise.


1:31 pm  

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