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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

or maybe I just have flu

The only downside of a sailing weekend is its crazy unstablising, unbalancing effect.

You know, all those boats on the water bobbing about, and the fast turning to make sure the wind is in the sail, and the tilting so you feel you might just fall off any minute into the cold cold water, and the clenching of various muscles to persuade yourself you're not going to fall in...

Well, all that makes you feel a little unstable even when you're back on dry land, and have been for, oh, say, at least 24 hours. You, ok I, I still feel a bit tilty.

I've been walking around the flat steadying myself on door frames since we got back.

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Anonymous Kitty Montana said...

this state of being can also be achieved by consuming loads of vodka, are yoiu sure that is not the cause of your instability? hehehe

3:36 pm  
Blogger Becca said...

amy winehouse's rehab *just* came on the radio as I read your comment... everyone around me seems to be trying to tell me something ;)

3:40 pm  
Anonymous Kitty Montana said...

they try to make me go to rehab...amy should goooo, gooooo, go! hehehe

11:24 am  

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