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Monday, April 23, 2007

Sunday breathing

Yesterday we went for a walk in a new park. It's only new in the "I've lived in Warsaw for almost two years but rarely get this side of the river" sense, rather than actually being at all new.

It was interesting though. It's by the zoo, which may explain this giraffe sculpture/bird nesting area, and everyone was out, making the most of the sun.

We walked back across the river and it really is clear from the bridge how underused the river is as a potentially attractive site.

There are some little islands and sandy areas that could almost be called beaches on the praga side, then the neverending steps and cycle path on the old town side. Apart from the two boat cafes, there's nothing really set up by the river at all.

Once we got back to our side, we wandered through the old town, which is already heaving with tourists. I haven't been for ages, but one thing about the old town is that it never changes, except for the mini building sites that appear at regular intervals.

Thank God winter's over. The green levels in this city are being restored, and we can all start breathing again.

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Blogger Ola said...

Thanks for the story and pictures of old good Warsaw, haven't been there for years but can imagine the spring in the heart of the city :-)

3:00 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

apropos "mini building sites" .

this is your street in the next 2 yrs

10:09 pm  

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