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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Three things I learned on Good Friday (none of which were particularly good)

1. Even if you pet the dogs, feed them, put them outside, make sure all the windows are closed, check all the exits and lock the house like the good house-sitter that you are, there's still a chance the alarm will go off for no apparent reason and the company will call the person you are house-sitting for (designated Person On Holiday) before you (designated Person In Charge). Twice.

2. If you are staying in a house that has six bathrooms, and you rotate, unless you do it in an orderly manner you will soon get confused about which bathrooms you've been to already.

3. It is actually possible to burn microwave popcorn.

I'm sharing this so you can all learn from my mistakes. Happy Easter.

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Blogger Ola said...

:-) Hi! Happy Easter!!!
Burning microwave popcorn, believe it or not, I've done it before too. :-) But, must be crazy and in a way exciting to have a huge house with many washrooms and bedrooms and undiscovered/unused corners... but I wouldn't know, we have a small appartment :-)
Hi from spring filled Canada!

4:35 am  
Blogger Monef said...

How in the world do you burn microwave popcorn????

PS Ihad a piece of carrot cake today and I thought of you!

11:39 pm  

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