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Monday, October 23, 2006

Ringing ears and a hoarse voice... what I got after Saturday night. It was a very very very amazing concert.

Its been a while since I was a regular gigger, but I went through a particularly rich period around 1997. At the time I was living in Germany and me and my friends would regularly go and see Brit-pop acts that came to weeny clubs in Cologne. I've been in conversation with members of Dodgy while they've been on stage; I've stood in awe, before Tim from Ash as he's smiled and chatted away while my friend's wailed 'I can't see you, that crowd surfing girl kicked me in the head, I think I'm concussed'; I've sat next to Crispin Mills as he's smoked a joint after a Kula Shaker gig, thinking 'Cristian Mills' corduroy trousers are actually touching mine'; I've been given one too many beers on the Stereophonics' tour bus; I've sat at a table with three of the four blur members, filling in a questionnaire sent to them by some French magazine (yes, it was the delectable Damon who was missing, but I only just survived being approached by a very drunk Alex, to whom I stuttered 'great show!' before collapsing in a teenage pile of giggles, so imagine the meltdown had the man himself appeared...).

Where was this going? Oh yeah, my gigging history and how last night was just as incredible.

Last night was up there with my favourite teenage experiences. No, I didn't meet Skin, but the performance she gave was enough. She was so full of energy and her voice! - it was just as amazing is it sounds on the CDs. She was flirty, friendly, playful and at times downright scary, but the girl performed her socks off. It was suuuch a pleasure to be a part of.

Our tactic when we were seventeen was to befriend the t-shirt seller and get back stage passes for after the gig. I guess old habits die hard, and I chatted a bit with the girl selling the posters and pins. 'Are you English' she asked incredulously, when I asked to see a t-shirt close up. I told her I was, and I think it came as a bit of a surprise to her that an English person would choose to live in such a place as Warsaw.

When I asked where they were headed next she wasn't sure. 'We've got a fifteen hour journey early tomorrow morning. Er, Holland maybe?' Her stereotypical Englishness made me smile, and I went for another beer. Actually Sunday they played in Austria, off to the Netherlands today...

Skin played the songs from her latest album, as well as giving us the first public playing of a new piece.

This is her introducing it...

She was cheered and clapped throughout the show and after the second encore, she was obviously chuffed with her reception. She said we spoiled her, but we only gave her what she deserved and I for one was proud of the Warsaw crowd.

I've been waiting ten years for this concert. It was one hundred percent worth the wait.

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