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Thursday, October 05, 2006

be careful what you wish for

One of the biggest advantages of the new flat is the bath. Those of you who remember this will know exactly what I mean.

We've gone from the smallest bath in the world to a comfortable corner bath with a seat, which lets me stretch my legs and really relax in the bubbles, surrounded by candles.

The only disadvantage of the new flat (apart from the radiator that still has to be moved and the temporary work surfaces - can't do everything at once...) are the little specks of paint I keep coming across.

We had the whole place redone and although the guy who did it all for us (Pan Darek, hand-kisser and plasterer/electrician/painter extraordinaire) swathed every room in plastic, the specks got through.

The door handles, the windows, the window ledges, the doors, the floor, the cupboards, and particularly the bath, where Pan Darek presumably washed his brushes, are spotted with pink, purple and brown. I spent my first bath in the flat obsessively picking off the specks with a fingernail, determined not to let any stay...

... which is ironic really when you look at my response to Edd's comment.

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Blogger Krista said...

At least you have a bath! I, my friend, have only a shower with one of those dreadful Central European youth hostel-style shower heads. Sweet. (The good news is that I had the common sense to buy a new one before I moved in.)

Still, a bath's a bath.

10:00 am  

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