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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Remember how much I like you?

I never really ask anything of you right? I mean, I spew out all this stuff, and some people comment, and most people just have a look and then bugger off, but I never really take up any more of your time than you're willing to give.

I've been meaning to tell you how good-looking you are for a while now. Really.

Ok, I'm starting a project this month, funded by the EU and I have this little favour to ask. I've done a basic, small (for the moment) no-frills website with which to start. It's to give a bit of background and will grow over the next nine months (people have been commenting about my baby obsession recently - it's not intentional!) up to World Refugee Day.

The main part will be supplemented by interviews and information, blog style with room for comments as soon as I spend some time blending it into the main site...

I would love it if you would just go and have a quick two-minute look around (actually you could probably see the whole thing in about 30 seconds...) and tell me your first impressions. It can be an email if the comments box scares you that much, and it can be cruel if you hate it.

Thanks, I knew you'd do it. You are such a nice person. It's here.

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Anonymous Kinuk said...

I like the look of the site and it seems interesting. Looking forward to getting more details on it.

Personally, but I'm no expert on the Polish language, the Polish translation could/should read: Czy Oni Wiedza Dlaczego Ja Tu Jestem?

1:27 pm  
Blogger Becca said...

Thanks Kinuk, I'm teaching myself as I go along, so the beginning is bound to be a bit slow but with any luck I'll pick up speed later on.

It's interesting that you suggested adding the 'oni' and 'ja' to the title. I would agree with you, but the translation was done by the EC's Polish agency for the youth programme so I took their word for it... I'll chat to a couple of other Poles and get a consensus. Thanks for helping me out!

3:32 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks good. Just quickly looking at the code though, first thing I would suggest is to remove all the CSS mark up from the actual content. Especially all the FONT tags. If the site begins to grow with content and pages, for any changes it would be much more efficient to have a few predefined text/font styles in a seperate style sheet rather than around the HTML content.

Absolute positioning is also dangerous for most of the DIVs because it will force you to change the positioning each time the content changes length.

You also don't need to use an image for the border around the menu box. You could apply a border to the div itself, specifying colour/thickness.

And I think the Polish translation works.

5:50 pm  
Blogger Becca said...

Thanks anon,

I'm unfortunately not enough of a geek to write my own code, so I'm having a website maker write it for me...

Maybe I would do better to do the whole thing with wordpress and get away from pre-fabricated code that complicates things.

I haven't decided yet though.

7:44 pm  
Blogger Ola said...

I like it. Nice layout, great idea, will visit again to see the progress and the notes on it. :-) Thumbs up for style and idea!

9:32 pm  
Blogger Becca said...

Thanks Ola! As soon as I've sorted the technical side of things, the content should be updated about twice a week.

9:26 am  
Blogger Warsaw Crow said...

I think it might be an idea to make it clear that this a "There is a problem, here are our solutions" website. Practical ideas for that might be:

- Consider moving the navigation 'masthead' to the more pertinent left side of the page.
- Then you could place the Po Polsku language link on the right of the 'Do they know why I'm here' title block at the top of the page so its more 'first things first' for non-English readers.
- The vague 'About the project... About the Project Leader...' links could be more made a bit more grabbing. For example 'Refugees in Poland: Who are they? Why is this project important?' - something like that.
- The handwriting font gives the site the feel of something homemade by an individual... This might make the project seem less significant than it is. It also makes the text more difficult for the eye to scan.
- The Schindler's List hands are friendly and human but with 'Do they know why I'm here?' it seems initially like this is a site about a religious leader leading a group on an existential journey. "The gospels know why you are here!". But in Poland this might help you gain support.... Perhaps putting:
"'Do they know why I'm here?' - Peter, activist fleeing Belarus" would help give it more direction and make it more intriguing.
- Naturally some pictures - refugee infants - would add weight and interest.
- Pages that link to pages with small pieces of information - like people.html - can be rolled into a single page to reduce click fatigue.

Go for it!

3:18 pm  
Blogger Becca said...

Thanks for all your suggestions crow! I haven't had a chance to work on it today but I'll be making some changes when I get the opportunity.

Don't worry about the photos - they will come as soon as I've taken them, and the other suggestions are really helpful - thanks!

6:19 pm  
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