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Monday, September 25, 2006

Happy and in love

I love our new flat.

I'm not sure you can appreciate the depth of my devotion for this place with its high ceilings and big spaces. I love the new alcove, which we started a mini war with a neighbour about. I love the boldness of the pink and brown. I love the bed on its platform above the built-in wardrobes.

I love it all, but most of all I love the bedroom. I was up against opposition with the colours in the bedroom. Not from Marek, oh no, he was ready to agree to all my suggestions, but pretty much everyone else had a problem with the fantastic lilac colour I put forward for consideration.

'No! You can't have that in a bedroom, it's much too cold?' What are you on about? It's a lovely warm colour.

'Really? You want that colour with all that dark wood?' Yes! light purple and dark brown are delicious together.

'It's not really a bedroomy colour though, is it?' Wanna bet? I can have what I like in my bedroom.

So I ignored the voices, Marek and I agreed that we'd be the ones spending the most time there so we could do whatever we fancied, and on went the purple.

Don't you love it when you're right and everyone else is wrong... I think it's divine.

Its does go beautifully with the wood, it isn't too cold, too dark, too anything, it's just right.

Two-tone lilac is now so deeply engrained into my idea of beauty that when I saw these shoes, I couldn't help myself.

Note to self: we're supposed to be saving money now - spending time is over.

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Blogger Ola said...

I like your new shoes, very pretty :-)) And congrats on the new place, nice to hear that you're making it your own space and decorating it in your own way, without listening to what others say too much. :-)

11:06 pm  
Blogger Becca said...

Thanks Ola :-)

9:16 am  

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